Technical Specs

REHAU offer windows containing a unique compound that guarantees a smooth, high gloss finish meaning that your new windows retain their pristine appearance for years to come. This also means that they will never warp or rot and, of course, will never need painting.

All REHAU window systems can achieve an ‘A’ rating (A rated windows) – the highest energy rating and when installed with the appropriate glazing unit, double glazed windows manufactured from REHAU profile comply with the latest building regulations.

Security for you and your home is paramount, so all of our window systems are made from only the highest quality uPVC and have been designed to provide rigidity and strength. All REHAU window and door systems can comply with PAS 24, the standard governing enhanced security.

As well as meeting the highest Energy Saving standards, REHAU window systems have been tested in accordance with and meet the highest requirements of BS7412 for the standard of a manufactured window, including BS6375 for weather performance, in fact REHAU are one of the only manufacturers of uPVC Window Systems to test for ‘severe’ weather conditions.

Kömmerling window and door systems have been tested and proven to perform in all kinds of extreme conditions. One test took place at 2,300 metres above sea level with windows exposed for fifteen years to strong UV-radiation, freezing temperatures and heavy storms. From windows to glazing seals, everything proved to be in the same condition at the end of the test period and still performing effortlessly.

Kömmerling GOLD is the ultimate choice for today’s environment. This range of windows, doors and conservatories has been exclusively designed by Europe’s number 1 systems company, specifically for the UK’s home improvement market. This includes a suite of matching casement, tilt & turn, entrance doors and french doors and there’s also a perfectly matching PremiLine patio door to complete the range.

In addition there’s also an 88 Plus system that’s designed to achieve a ‘u’ value of just 0.8, an important benchmark for tomorrow’s window performance levels, something we have achieved long before our competitors.

As you would expect from a market leader there’s also an unrivalled choice of 44 colours.

Smart Systems offer a range of doors suitable for the architectural, commercial, public, new build and retail markets.The doors available are commercial hinged, commercial swing,patio, tilt and slide, slide folding, multi-track slide and automatic. Our doors are designed for use as open out or open in, single or double doors, internally or externally beaded with sidelight options for domestic and/or commercial applications. Doors are available with polyamide thermal barrier or as aluminium/PVC-U composite frames for high performance thermal efficiency.

High security glazing, locking mechanism including security deadlock and hook bolts, dual colour options, excellent weather performance (BS6375 Pt 1) are some of the many special features of our door systems.

Our doors are compatible with a range of furniture and locking mechanisms and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes that comply with all relevant British and/or European standards. Compliance with Document L for thermal transmittance applies.
Design flexibility, durability and fitness for purpose are key factors that project managers, architects and specifiers will discover when they opt for our commercial doors whether required for refurbishment or new build projects Smart doors are designed for rigorous use and heavy traffic.

Window Energy Ratings (WERs)

window-energy-efficiencyConsumers, specifiers and legislators are increasingly focusing on the energy efficiency of building products. To respond to the challenge of raised expectations, the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), in conjunction with the UK glazing industry and European partners has designed a window rating system to meet this need for simple and accurate information.

The BFRC provides third party certification for the total thermal performance of windows using a ‘fair, accurate and credible’ assessment scheme. Windows are rated using the familiar A to G scale on the basis of their total energy efficiency, where an A-rated window is more energy efficient than a G-rated window. Consumers and specifiers can quickly and easily choose the most suitable window for their needs, government inspectors and agencies can quickly and easily see if the window meets the legal requirements and energy agencies can see if the window meets their criteria for support.

The Window Energy rating assesses the whole window energy performance and covers the frame material, the frame design, the glass type and all the other components that make up the window. The rating is carried out by computer simulation and gives a single number that can be used to compare the energy performance of a window simply and quickly.

Window Energy Ratings (WERs):

  • allow consumers to rapidly compare the energy efficiency of competing products
  • allow specifiers to select windows based on a validated performance figure.
  • allow legislators and others to ensure that fitted windows meet the legal requirements.
  • allow energy agencies to direct support to energy efficient products.
  • provide a method to link thermal window performance to other thermal assessment systems.

Some window systems are capable of achieving ‘A’ to ‘C’ ratings depending upon window configuration and glass type. Please contact us for further information.

‘U’ Values

‘U’ values are now also part of the latest Building Regulations which come into effect on 1st October 2010, where it is stated that any installed window must be a ‘C’ rating under the WERs or have a ‘U’ value of 1.6. ‘U’ values are widely used across Europe as a means to assess the thermal performance of building products and this includes the UK new build and refurbishment markets.

We can supply a range of products that can achieve ‘U’ values to meet any specification including Passivhaus using Kommerling’s impressive 88 Plus system and a number of aluminium/pvc composite systems.

Save Energy

Using pvc windows can not only improve the overall look of a property but also helps to save energy. Heat loss through buildings can be reduced by fitting new, more energy efficient windows.

With the rising cost of fuel, not to mention reducing your carbon footprint, the issue of energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when improving property. pvc windows can have very good thermal insulation properties which can significantly reduce heating bills. By retaining heat for longer within the property, heating times can be cut and this, in turn, will result in reduced carbon emissions from burning less fuel.

Energy efficiency is not only a personal choice but also forms an integral part of the Building Regulations. Commitments by the government to drastically reduce carbon emissions over the next 5 to 10 years has resulted in a requirement for many more energy efficient products within the construction industry. Windows and Doors in particular, have to meet high standards in order to comply and these are set to increase further in the coming years. REHAU and Kommerling windows have the ability to meet the criteria for a Zero Carbon home (Passivhaus) which is the highest achievable standards in the construction industry at this time.